Shannon is the happily married father of 11 children and served proudly in the U.S. Army for 20 years 2 months and 16 days as an Armored Cavalry Officer and China Foreign Area Officer. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. As a Cavalry officer he served in posts throughout the U.S. and Europe. As a China Foreign Area Officer he served throughout the U.S. Government, in The Pentagon and overseas in the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong and the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. He has traveled extensively in a variety of capacities throughout Asia and Europe and has benefited from the finest training in the world. He has worked for Northrop Grumman, IBM, ManTech and other corporations.

Shannon became a serial entrepreneur when he retired from the Army in 2002. He has crashed one very profitable business spectacularly and its wipe-out coincided with a cancer diagnosis in one of his children when she was four and the subsequent diagnosis of another child with Type I diabetes.

The combination of financial collapse and the family’s confrontation with childhood cancer and diabetes brought his marriage, fatherhood, judgment and priorities into sharp focus, forcing him to bring every skill and talent he had to bear while learning new skills to re-build his life, strengthen his family and regain his equilibrium.

He is proud to have graduated from Bishop O’Connell High School, the University of Mary Washington, the University of Virginia, the Joint Military Attaché School and the Defense Language Institute (Mandarin Chinese).

Shannon and his family live on a farm in Virginia.