Are You An Authentic Man? Part 2 of 3

Are You An Authentic Man? 2 of 3

Do you have these 16 qualities of an Authentic Man?

Test yourself against these questions to find out.


Sixth, Courage to Dream. Do you have big dreams? Do your dreams inspire you to work toward them? Do you believe a better day is coming? Are you optimistic? Do you have the courage and confidence to improve? Yourself, the world around you, your future, the futures of those you love and lead? A man who faces down his fears can have the courage to dream and believe a better way is possible; a better day is coming. He is confident he can overcome any obstacle he faces.

 We live in a hard world, but the world has always been hard. We live in a challenging economic climate, but the economic climate is always challenging, more or less. It is easy to allow the world to steal your dreams. It is easy to become discouraged.  Fighting that discouragement and making a decision that tomorrow will be brighter because of your effort and determination to make it brighter takes courage. Make no mistake; authentic courage to dream is based in reality. We must work and work hard to realize our goals and dreams, but it begins and ends with our own willingness to dream and believe a better way is possible, a better world is within our grasp.

A better world is possible. Be courageous— work toward great dreams.

Seventh, Prudent Decisiveness. Are you a deliberate thinker who takes action when the time is right? Do you think a problem through, plan for the solution you want, think the plan through and then, importantly, execute? Do you use your ability to think as a spur to take action?

Thinking is important, but it is easy to think too much.   It is very seductive to tell ourselves, “Well, I had better weigh this more carefully.”  Learn to strike a careful balance between thinking something over, giving it a good analysis, but then taking action. Don’t let thoughts master you, master your thoughts.  It’s important to think but don’t let thinking be an end in itself. It is results that matter and actions determine results.


Think carefully, then… act.


Eighth, Recognition That There is no Such Thing as Failure, Only Feedback. Do you give in to discouragement easily? Do you give in to discouragement at all? Do you allow setbacks to dampen your enthusiasm?  Do you allow yourself the luxury of discouragement?

What we call failure is often the best thing that can happen to us. It causes us to change what we are doing. You may have heard the saying, “Pain is the best teacher.” It doesn’t mean pain is good, it means that feeling pain causes us to change. But failure is a myth unless you quit.  Do you allow the feedback of temporary delays to defeat you? Remember that if you seek to live a life of any significance whatsoever you will not achieve your goals with ease. Life is not easy and has never been easy. It’s not meant to be. We are meant to struggle and go against the tide. It’s what we are built for.

Delays are not denials. Failure is a myth.  Never quit.

Ninth, Willingness to be Misunderstood.  Do you crave understanding? Is it important to you that others think well of you and not mis-judge your motives? Do you worry overmuch about what others think?

Don’t worry too much about what other people think of you. Most people don’t think of us at all. More often, we use this as an excuse to delay our own action or to delay making the changes we know we really do have to make to get our lives in order.  Be willing to be misunderstood. That willingness is healthy;  it will help you not to take yourself too seriously.  If you are charting your own course, if you are making changes in your life, recognize that others will notice. The conclusions they draw may surprise you. Remember, it’s none of our business what others think of us.

Be careful whose opinion you value.

Tenth, Self-mastery When Your Life’s Work is Destroyed.  Perhaps this is the ultimate test. Are you at a point where you are re-making your entire life? Have you seen things that matter to you destroyed? Are your beliefs being attacked, maligned, mis-interpreted?  Is your marriage or relationship with your children under stress or attack? Are you re-building the foundation of your life?

Many of us are, now, in this economy.

Your entire life’s work may have come crashing down around you since 2007 and maybe you’re re-thinking it all.  Our global economy is undergoing fundamental change. These changes are far-reaching. They are affecting men’s and women’s lives, how we relate to our employers, how we do our jobs, how we build our businesses, how we parent, how we think about the world we live in. In this time of change you may have lost everything. If so, has that loss caused you to quit?  Have you quit on yourself, your marriage, your career?  Accept the loss, no matter how huge or significant, as reality and a hard, cold slap on the face. Let it wake you up and cause you to re-consider. Treat it as an opportunity. In this economy you can afford to think globally. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what other challenges you face. This is the best time to be alive on this planet, ever. 

Get up. Get moving. It’s a bright new world.

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