What I know as a man I wish I knew as a child.

Private actions have public consequences: Treat women better.
I was born in 1960, was a teenager in the 70s, a young adult in the 80s. The sexual revolution was nothing compared to its fallout in the 70s and 80s.
As a boy and young man I was not taught how powerful my interaction with women was. I wasn’t taught to manage my appetites, emotions, desires. Each of these affects the others. All  have a compounding affect on the serious decisions men must make about health, wealth and networks that make a high quality life possible or frustratingly unattainable.
The consequences of what we do in private affect others for years.
Command yourself, you can command any situation.
Men and women struggle with different difficulties. I won’t speak for women.  My work with men teaches me we struggle with two overriding difficulties: Lust and Anger.
Lust for things, attention, money, power, women and some men lust for men. No matter. All the same appetite. Moderation tempers those desires. Without it you’re a prisoner and will never be free.
Anger about our shortcomings, injustices we have suffered. Anger about our place in the world. Anger is like gasoline– put it in the right container and it fuels a powerful engine. Let it flow throughout your life and it destroys everything you treasure.
95% of happiness hinges on one decision: Who we marry.
Men aren’t taught to manage their sexual appetites. I wasn’t. I wish I had been. We aren’t taught the beauty and majestic stability of monogamy as a choice. A key enemy of wealth is… Divorce. A key enemy of boys’ stability is… Divorce. Absent fathers. If men want to deserve their rightful place in societies we must tame our emotions and treat women better.
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